Classification label A+ scope new

A+ stands for the best possible class.

Best future class

The current best solution in the industry is based on direct reduction of iron (DRI) and steelmaking in electric arc furnaces (EAF). The plant concepts have been partially tested and will be implemented in the first small-scale plants from 2025. In the further course of development, natural gas will initially be used as a reducing agent in the DRI reactor. The more green hydrogen is available, the more it displaces natural gas from the process.

stahlo route A+

Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis with green electricity and water. This is reduced together with iron ore pellets in the DRI reactor by direct reduction to sponge iron. The sponge iron obtained is melted into crude steel by feeding scrap into the electric arc furnace. The subsequent processes such as hot rolling, cold rolling and surface coating, e.g. hot-dip galvanizing, are connected. With this process route, CO2 emissions of less than 150 kg CO2e per ton of coil can be achieved.


The Label:

The classification label makes the various solutions offered by steel producers transparent. The focus is on the sub-process with the highest emissions, namely crude steel production. To this end, Stahlo has developed a combined label which, on the one hand, represents the various elements of production using simple symbols and, on the other, divides the resulting CO2 emissions into 7 classes. A distinction is made between class G, for the classic blast furnace process with 1,800-2,200 kg CO2e per ton of crude steel, to the best class A with less than 150 kg CO2e per ton of crude steel. The data basis for the classification is the information provided by the manufacturer or the technical literature. The Stahlo classification label shows the main differences in a simple but ingenious way. If the steel mill quantifies the CO2 impact even beyond the crude steel condition, we add an additional "+" (plus) to the class and underline that the consideration is extended to the hot rolled coil.