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Independent steel service

Stahlo offers its customers a wide range of flat steel from almost all European steel manufacturers and the most important suppliers worldwide. The essential consulting services also include efficient and stable supply routes via sea and inland waterways as well as rail and road networks. Stahlo operates a warehouse network and keeps more than 100,000 tons of flat steel available for its customers at all times.

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Full Service

Thanks to the high quality of the products and the expertise of the team in Thuringia, customers can rely on reliable, durable and cost-effective sheet steel solutions tailored to their specific requirements. This makes Blech-Service Nordhausen GmbH & Co.KG an indispensable partner for anyone who relies on the versatility of steel in their projects.

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Our employees are steel experts. They combine their experience and material knowledge with the knowledge of who needs what. The networking of digital information with strong partnership relationships realizes a fast supply with top quality and reliable pooling options. This enables the perfect match of pricing model, grade selection and demand.

Green Steel

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Steel Compass

Based on the previous CO2-footprint of Stahlo's procurement volumes, a roadmap is being planned for the coming years and specific targets for reducing emissions are being implemented.

Customer Service

Regional direct

Industrial customers are served regionally and directly with absolute proximity and understanding of their products.

Key Accounting

Automotive customers are supported centrally and nationwide with individual understanding, knowledge of the product and requirements. 

Sheet metal service / trade

We look after you centrally and, as a retailer, we know the requirements of the trade. We also sell steel without processing.

Technology / Green Steel Consulting

Comprehensive and professional service in all phases. Find the right steel with the right values for your individual application.


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Sheets, blanks

Small, medium and large formats in various material thicknesses from 0.45 mm to 3 mm. Customized sheet steel cuts from 37x295 mm to 2050x4500 mm.

Stahlo BSN

Laser cutting

Individual laser sheet metal cuts and blanks from 0.45 mm to 3 mm. The dimensional limit is 3048 x 1524 mm.

Schichtleiter Produktion

Slit strip, coils

We process coils up to 40 tons and up to 2050 mm wide into slit strip and rewind small coils.

as and asm

Shaped blanks

We produce tool-bound blanks, contours and shear cuts on two redundant Schuler presses.


Sheet range from mild steel to ultra-high strength - with or without coating



Hot rolled flat products

Hot rolling takes place at temperatures above the recrystallization temperature of the metal to be processed. The scale layer adhering to the coil after this process can be permanently removed by pickling. We offer a wide range of grades, e.g. soft grades according to DIN EN 10111, fine-grain structural steels according to DIN EN 10149-2, structural steels according to DIN EN 10025-2 and multiphase steels according to DIN EN 10338.

Cold rolled flat products

Cold rolling is carried out below the recrystallization temperature of the metal to be processed. In order to finalize the properties of the cold-rolled grade, the cold-rolled coil is also annealed and skin-passed. Our range includes soft grades in accordance with DIN EN 10130, flat products with high yield strength in accordance with DIN EN 10268 and multiphase steels in accordance with DIN EN 10338. 

Hot dip galvanized flat products

In hot-dip coating, the coating is applied by immersion in the liquid coating consisting of Z, ZM, ZA, AS, AZ, for example. Our portfolio includes mild steels, flat products with high yield strength, structural steels and multiphase steels in accordance with DIN EN 10346.

Electrogalvanized flat products

In electrolytic galvanizing, the zinc is deposited from the zinc electrolyte onto the surface under the influence of an electric field. The soft grades according to DIN EN 10152 are part of our product range. However, a large number of grades listed in DIN EN 10268 and DIN EN 10338 can also be supplied with electrolytic galvanizing. 

We offer a wide variety of surface finishes.

Our standard range includes all common surfaces in various overlay thicknesses.

stahlo stahl coils


The precise networking, processing and delivery of all material grades is made possible by our "Smart Connectivity". The combination of our optimally located sites in the heart of Europe and our digital know-how results in perfect and environmentally friendly logistics.

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Use up to 40 parameters to classify, search, bid, buy and sell. Fees are only charged for quantities purchased.

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Auction platform and purchasing tool for ExcessSteel and Prime. Steel trading in binding auctions Mon.-Thurs., direct purchase or purchasing tool. The offers are free of fee. The seller pays the fee for you.

STAHLO original Digital Sales

Online consulting and purchasing increase opportunities and promote price transparency. Test our individual consulting service online.



We supply established OEM and tier customers in Germany and Europe. The delivery spectrum ranges from standard to ultra-high-strength grades as well as special surface requirements for outer skin applications.

Electrical / IT industry

Our state-of-the-art technologies guarantee products of the highest precision for optimum further processing in the electrical, IT and communications industries.


Our state-of-the-art technologies guarantee products of the highest precision for optimum further processing in the electrical, IT and communications industries.

Furniture construction

We have established ourselves as a key partner in the world of furniture construction and interior design. The use of steel in these areas makes it possible to create solutions that are both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

Metal processor

Whether laser, press brake, welding or other sheet metal processing - we supply you with the right cut directly from the production line.

Construction industry

Today's construction industry is under increasing pressure to reduce waste and increase recycling. As steel products and steel construction techniques naturally produce little waste throughout their life cycle, the importance of steel in today's construction industry is increasing significantly and continuously.