Corporate Principles

The Ten

  1. Goal-oriented cooperation The goal-oriented cooperation of all employees is the capital of our company.
  2. Employee development We are aware of the links between qualifications, motivation and corporate success, i.e. we support our employees in the area of training and further education and we give our employees a share in our overall success.
  3. Customer focus Our customers are partners for us and determine the success of our company:  
    • We have to fulfill our customers' wishes and solve their problems, because it is through them that we earn our money and can thus secure our future!
    • Our products must offer clear advantages and benefits for the customer, especially in terms of quality, technical design, range of products and delivery ca
  4. Competitive edge We have to be faster and better than the competition. We have to prove this competitive edge to our customers every day.
  5. Creativity and innovation Our ideas and our creativity ensure our competitive edge; i.e. we must constantly strive for new thought-provoking impulses and ideas and for their consistent as well as professional implementation!
  6. Prospects Perfect mastery of our day-to-day business secures our existence and enables us to meet the demands of the future!
  7. Partnership Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our suppliers based on partnership; the prerequisite for this is competition in terms of quality, delivery service, price and optimal problem solving!
  8. Reliability and quality We concentrate all our efforts on manufacturing our products and system solutions perfectly and economically as well as selling them professionally and delivering them reliably!
  9. Environment, responsibility and sustainability We are aware of the responsibility towards our environment and the surroundings in which we live. We want to help shape and improve!
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