We ensure perfect provision, quality and integration into your material flow

Stahlo bau

Construction and building supply industry, formwork, scaffolding, windows, facades, special constructions, etc.

Our products are extremely stable, sustainable, aesthetic, high quality and modular.

stahlo weißware

Domestic and industrial engineering, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, doors/gates, protective fences, sun protection, interior finishing, ceilings, partition walls, household appliances, etc.

Stahlo products are easy to install, functional and aesthetic, protective and securing, energy-saving and heat-resistant.

stahlo lieferkette

Storage and racking systems, intralogistics with storage technology, floor conveyor systems, racking systems and serving equipment, conveyor belts, roller conveyors, etc.

Stahlo supplies: strong material with highest performance, resilience, impact resistance, durability and easy assembly.

stahlo regal

Trade , steel traders, specialized wholesalers and retailers, multimix distributors, etc.

Stahlo ensures availability, acts flexibly with perfect delivery logistics and material stocking and, together with its intelligent material pool, is a valued partner of the trade.