Rittal - The System.


From start-up to global player

Innovation has been in the company's DNA since it was founded in 1961. Making complex things simple.

That is our guiding principle. It is the driver of our developments. Right from the start. It was the inspiration behind the first standardization of control cabinets. And it is the core idea of all innovations today and in the future. It can be found everywhere. In countless small control cabinet functions, in large value-added processes in control and switchgear engineering, and in IT solutions worldwide.


Our products offer you tangible benefits. They solve problems, speed up processes and increase your productivity. Rittal enclosure systems can be configured quickly and easily. A modular system produces solutions that fit your requirements exactly. Smart cooling solutions with an average of 75 percent lower energy consumption and high CO2 savings enable forward-looking maintenance and service concepts. With innovative rack solutions, you can build new IT infrastructures with unprecedented speed - from a single network rack to a complete data center. And this is also unique: We deliver series products to you in Germany within 24 hours on the date you need them. Faster is not possible.

We connect industry and IT

We always have the whole picture in mind. Together with the leading software providers Eplan and Cideon, we optimize and industrialize the entire value chain in control and switchgear engineering: from engineering to procurement and manufacturing to processing and service. High-quality and consistent data - with the digital twin at the center - are the success factor here. They save you time and costs in the value-added process, avoid errors and sustainably increase your productivity.

Rittal provides you with precisely tailored IT and OT solutions for the data required and generated in the production process. With its IT platform, you can master all IT scenarios thanks to modular system technology - from single-rack installations to the implementation of edge and hyperscale data centers. You also want to process your production data in a real-time, data-sovereign and value-added manner - no problem with the turnkey edge cloud data center ONCITE.

Where industry and IT converge, Rittal provides you with the right solution.

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facts rittal

Company: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG
Headquarters: Herborn, Hesse
Year of foundation: 1961
Employees: 9,700
Subsidiaries worldwide: 58
Production facilities worldwide: 8

Family business: Rittal the largest company in the Friedhelm Loh Group
Owner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedhelm Loh