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Ideas from Thuringia for Europe and the world

Customized sheet blanks, panels and small coils for industry and trade.

Sheet metal service - a part of Stahlo

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Quality from Thuringia

Thanks to the high quality of the products and the expertise of the team in Thuringia, customers can rely on reliable, durable and cost-effective sheet steel solutions tailored to their specific requirements. This makes Blech-Service Nordhausen GmbH & Co.KG an indispensable partner for anyone who relies on the versatility of steel in their projects.

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Our employees are steel experts. They combine their experience and material knowledge with the knowledge of who needs what. The networking of digital information with strong partnership relationships realizes a fast supply with top quality and reliable pooling options. This enables the perfect match of pricing model, grade selection and demand.

Sheet metal

"The blanks with
the green foil from Thuringia"

stahlo blechservice


Our sheets and precisely cut parts, made of thin sheets, are used in various industries, such as construction or automotive, mechanical engineering or furniture making. They offer high strength and can be adapted to individual requirements. Surface treatments such as painting or coating are possible.


Matthias Steiner Vertriebsleiter BSN

Matthias Steiner

Vice President Sales


Jennifer Krey Sales Manager

Jennifer Krey


All essential sheet metal grades

Stahlo Produkte Zuschnitte Blech


Small, medium, large formats in various material thicknesses from 0.40 mm to 3 mm.

stahlo Blech-Service individuel

Customized blanks

Individual steel sheet blanks in various material thicknesses from 0.45 mm to 3 mm. The dimensions for blanks range from 37x295 mm to 2000x4500 mm.

Schichtleiter Produktion


We process coils up to 40 t and
in width up to 2000 mm.

Stahlo Blech-Service Umwickeln

Small coils

The ring weights can be selected individually from 1000 kg to 7500 kg.


Sheet range from mild steel to ultra-high strength - with or without coating



Hot rolled flat products

Hot rolling requires low forming forces,
hardening of the material does not take
place due to the recrystallization that
constantly takes place. Dimensional
accuracy is limited due to thermal
distortion, thermal shrinkage. Hot-
rolled grades meet only limited surface
requirements due to the process.
Grades according to DIN EN 10111.

Cold rolled flat products

We offer cold-rolled flat products
made of mild steels for cold
forming according to DIN EN 10130,
cold-rolled flat products with high
yield strength for cold forming made
of micro-alloyed steels according to
DIN EN 10268 as well as general
structural steels. These blanks are
suitable for edging and welding
of any kind.

Hot dip galvanized flat products

Hot-dip galvanized fine sheet is particularly suitable for outdoor applications or environments with high humidity. In our portfolio you will find soft grades, micro-alloyed grades, structural steels and electrogalvanized material according to DIN EN 10346.

Electrogalvanized flat products

The electrogalvanized sheet is protected against corrosion by a special coating . The zinc coating applied on one or both sides, in conjunction with other surface treatments, is an optimum adhesion base for further coatings. This benefits, among others, exterior automotive parts as well as other parts with high surface requirements according to DIN EN 10152.

We offer a wide variety of surface finishes.

Our standard range includes all common surfaces in various overlay thicknesses.

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The precise networking, processing and delivery of all material grades is made possible by our "Smart Connectivity". The combination of our optimally located sites in the heart of Europe and our digital know-how results in perfect and environmentally friendly logistics.


Lieferantensituation Messe

Global partner network

Independent, digital and personal; together with our partner network we ensure the availability of steel at the optimum price-performance ratio.


Furniture manufacturing

We have established ourselves as a decisive partner in the world of furniture construction and interior design. The use of steel in these areas makes it possible to create both robust and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Metal processor

Whether laser, press brake, welding or other processing of the sheet metal - we supply you with the appropriate cut directly from the conveyor belt.

Construction industry

Today's construction industry is under increasing pressure to reduce waste and increase recycling. Since steel products and steel construction techniques naturally produce little waste throughout their life cycle, the importance of steel in today's construction industry is increasing significantly and continuously.

Corporate Governance

Oliver Sonst CEO

"BSN has been a subsidiary of Stahlo since 2018. This close connection guarantees security and stability. Our customers trust in the proven quality of Stahlo. As managing director of both companies, I am firmly committed to providing reliable sheet metal service."

Oliver Sonst
Chief Executive Officer
Matthias Steiner Vertriebsleiter BSN

"Service is written in capital letters for us. Sheet metal service at Stahlo means having a strong supplier at your side even in times of crisis."

Matthias Steiner
Vice President Sales Blech Service
Jennifer Krey Sales Manager

"The key to success is identifying the customer's needs and meeting them with the right solutions."

Jennifer Krey
Sales Manager


Steel creates future

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