New way - Green steel

Decarbonization characterizes a fossil-free - green steel

stahlo new green stell

The steel industry accounts for 30% of industrial emissions in Germany alone. Currently, three options for decarbonizing steel are being pursued:

  1. Carbon Direct Avoidance (CDA): 
    Avoidance of CO2 among other things by the production of directly reduced iron from iron ore and there above all with the reduction gas hydrogen
  2. Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU):
    Utilization of CO2 through conversion into fuels and feedstock for chemical products
  3. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS):
    Capture and storage of CO2 emissions

Opportunity: The steel industry can make a significant contribution to climate neutrality. If sufficient green electricity is available, steel could be made CO2 neutral by direct reduction with hydrogen.